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Recap: Roessler Equipment Open House

James Riegleman

Apr 11, 2022

Our HVAC recently participated in Roessler Equipment's Open House.

Our HVAC team was recently attended and participated in Roessler Equipment's 2022 Open House. With over 300 people in attendance, Rob French (Director of Flow-Tech HVAC) gave multiple presentations on the history of water treatment, and how Flow-Tech is changing the game.

Rob French (Director of Flow-Tech HVAC) presents on the history of

water treatment at Roessler's 2022 Open House.

In a multi-part seminar, Rob spoke about the history of water treatment, the current state of the industry, original chemical-free technologies, and how Flow-Tech is altering the industry at large. From domestic water applications to evaporative cooling, Rob introduced and broke down the consistent of Flow-Tech in delivering drastic results compared to traditional treatment methods. As always, Flow-Tech is also grateful for the opportunity to speak and exhibit at the event.

Roessler's own Reymsa cooling tower demonstrates how blowdown

treated by Flow-Tech can be reused for irrigation.

Spending a few days meeting with our representatives and end users of Flow-Tech, the trip was certainly a success––and a good example of the outreach and support our team strives for.

Oh yeah, and the 700+ lbs of crawfish was also a plus...

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