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  • Kevin Brauer

Introducing: Flow-Tech Industrial

It's here. It's official. And it's packing a punch in heavy industrial and power plant water management applications.

We have liftoff

Last week, we announced the official launch of Flow-Tech Industrial. This new division is an offshoot our chemical-free water treatment technology specifically suited for and dedicated to heavy industrial applications. In response to significantly growing demand and realizing the unique opportunity in front of us as a company, we made the decision to devote resources to launch this entirely new division––and a successful launch it has been.


We originally introduced Flow-Tech Industrial this past February at the AHR Expo in Orlando, Fl. Building off our existing commercial and HVAC rep network, we have already amassed strong representation across the United States as well as internationally for the industrial division. Our team will continue to build our representation and industry partnerships across the country and abroad as end users turn to the chemical-free alternative for effective water treatment.

Customers throughout the country have implemented Flow-Tech Industrial to address their needs for effective mineral, bacteria, and corrosion management. Our technology is being utilized for these applications by a variety of facilities including power plants, mineral extraction processes, pulp and paper mills, and large-scale breweries. Additionally, Flow-Tech is helping these facilities conserve water and energy and safely adjust their discharge.

Early success

Our portfolio of industrial success stories includes a nearly two-year long study with a 248MW power plant in the Pacific Northwest. The combined-cycle generation plant was challenged by reluctant silica scale and biological growth. Looking for a responsible solution to treat its cooling water while mitigating potential impact on the surrounding environment, the operators turned to Flow-Tech and installed equipment on the cooling system’s 42” circulation pumps. Since installation, Flow-Tech has outperformed chemicals in managing both the silica scale and bacteria fouling, allowing the plant to significantly reduce its chemical regimen, thereby minimizing the amount of chemicals being discharged into the neighboring river, while improving operational efficiencies system-wide. With Flow-Tech as the primary means of treatment, the plant has unlocked hundreds of thousands of dollars in chemical savings and is taking steps to further reduce its dependence on chemicals.

Looking to take your water treatment plan to the next level?

As operational costs climb and the environment remains a primary objective of corporate sustainability plans, a company's water treatment plan is a crucial piece to solving the puzzle. In the industrial space, the need for truly effective water management is arguably that much more vital. Join operators across the country who have implemented Flow-Tech to solve their mineral and biological fouling while conserving water and minimizing the amount of harmful chemicals being discharged into their surrounding ecosystems.

If you'd like to learn more about the launch or discover how you and your facility can benefit from Flow-Tech Industrial, please contact us. We are more than happy to discuss your facility's systems and needs, and will walk through water quality data to locate the best solution for your needs.

For media inquiries, please contact Kevin Brauer. Kevin can be reached anytime by email at


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