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  • Kevin Brauer

Why Flow-Tech Wins at Chemical-free Water Treatment

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

How the Milwaukee-based water technology company transformed a once widely-debated concept into an industry-altering water treatment solution.

Flow-Tech installed on 42" headers at cogeneration power plant

Flow-Tech Systems, a water management technology company, has secured high-profile organizations including Google, Stryker, Boeing, GE, and the U.S. Air Force – just to name a few in the portfolio.

In less than 10 years, the Milwaukee-based water company has grown to be the largest name in chemical-free water treatment. Flow-Tech specializes in mineral and biological control in applications including HVAC and commercial evaporative cooling, industrial water systems, residential, wastewater, power plants, agriculture and recreational water. Additionally, Flow-Tech has proved its ability to strengthen legionella management plans and help reduce the risk of the infectious bacteria.

So why are organizations such as these mentioned above now adopting chemical-free and moving away from traditional chemical water treatment?

Legitimizing chemical-free: Flow-Tech developed a technology that treats all the water in your system

For years, electromagnetic chamber systems were known to be the industry standard for chemical-free water treatment. The team at Flow-Tech knew this concept was flawed as the water is only treated as it flows through the system. Furthermore, these chamber systems required sections of piping to be cut out and removed, so that the treatment chamber could be installed in its place.

Knowing the science behind chemical-free water treatment, Flow-Tech set out to design and create a technology that treats all the water in a system, regardless of flow. The team developed a proprietary concept of generating a much more powerful electromagnetic wave and propagating it throughout the entire system.

​Implementing Flow-Tech is equivalent to lining a system’s entire piping network with chamber systems. In fact, the power transferred to the water from one Flow-Tech unit is equal to more than 70 "industry standard" chamber systems plumbed in parallel, while consuming 1/6,054 of the power.

Increase operational efficiencies while reducing chemical costs

Water systems by nature require proper management to avoid significant operational inefficiencies and headaches. No matter the industry or application, traditional water treatment equates to a vicious cycle of costly, not to mention dangerous, chemicals. Flow-Tech allows operators to reduce if not eliminate expensive chemicals from their current water treatment plan, while unlocking hidden operational efficiencies.

“Flow-Tech’s ability to treat all the water in a system continues to drive customer adoption and set itself apart from other technologies,” says Mark Meyer, Founder of Flow-Tech Systems. “Our end users are embracing chemical-free water treatment technology not only as an effective means of managing their facilities’ water, but as a significant piece to their overall strategy to reduce their environmental footprint.”

Flow-Tech’s water treatment system greatly reduces if not replaces the need for traditional chemical treatment practices. The technology enables these companies to dramatically cut back on chemicals, increase water savings, and improve operational efficiencies.

More on Flow-Tech

Based in Milwaukee, WI, Flow-Tech has grown to become the biggest name in chemical-free water treatment. Specializing in both mineral and biological control, organizations such as NASA, Apple, and Kaiser Permanente have turned to Flow-Tech to treat their water systems. For more information on how Flow-Tech can benefit your facility, please visit us at


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