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  • Kevin Brauer

American Dream Goes Chemical-Free

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

From the owners of Mall of America, American Dream is poised to be the next greatest entertainment venue in New Jersey. The project, set to open this October, is comprised of over 3 million sq feet of entertainment and retail venues. It will feature a brand new DreamWorks Water Park, Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park, the world’s largest wave pool and North America’s first indoor ski and snow sports center.

Behind the Scenes

Given the immense size of the facilities, evaporative cooling is needed to properly maintain conditions inside. Flow-Tech's chemical-free technology was selected and implemented as the primary water treatment method throughout American Dream. The team from Flow-Tech was on site in July to commission Flow-Tech HVAC units treating over 20 SPX Recold evaporative condensers.

Commissioning of Flow-Tech HVAC chemical-free water treatment systems at American Dream.

Cooling Tower Water Management

Due to its nature, cooling water must be effectively treated to prevent mineral fouling, build-up of bacteria and biologics, and the formation of corrosion in water systems. Traditional chemical treatment is not only a recurring, costly expense, but represents a number of serious health and safety hazards.

In the world of chemical-free, Flow-Tech is the only system to have passed the ASHRAE protocol for controlling sessile bacteria, or biofilm. Compared to the control, Flow-Tech achieved a 98% inhibition of biofilm, while no other chemical-free system successfully passed the test.

Now, companies across the country are dramatically cutting back on chemicals, reducing costs, and increasing the efficiency of their evaporative cooling systems. With Flow-Tech, operators are preventing scale, reducing bacteria and biofilm, and creating less corrosive environments within their systems – all without chemicals.

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